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FreeBSD FTP erection

When you install FreeBSD after the built-in FTP, but it just does not start by default, some people feel the spring sun FreeBSD built-in ftpd, will also be replaced by other ftpd, common alternatives are: proftpd, pureftp .. .... and so on, but attention should be updated at any time, because FTP program often find a security hole.

1 to FreeBSD ftpd built to provide services
Generally speaking, when you installed FreeBSD, FTP service program / usr / libexec / ftpd will have a
Just change it / etc / inetd.conf, FTP service is already available to people who use the machine account

1-1 Open the FTP service
FreeBSD system to provide default ftpd daemon mode (stand alone) and two ways by the inetd start ftpd
Comparison of two methods, daemon approach for using multiple connections to the same time, load the larger host

1-1-1 Method 1: daemon mode (stand alone)
Immediately start the ftpd daemon 1-1-1-1
If you just want to immediately start the service as long as the implementation of:

/ Usr / libexec / ftpd-D-l-l


-D: let ftpd daemon way to start.
-L: called syslogd record each connection, with twice-l can not even use the motion are recorded
-L records need to stay connected with changes / etc / syslog.conf will boot record
ftpd many parameters, can be man ftpd view.

1-1-1-2 how to make FreeBSD boot automatically start ftpd
If the only way to start in front of ftpd daemon, the next system reboot is gone, for it to automatically start, we can start the command into / etc / rc.local or imitation in / usr / local / etc / rc.d files, write a

Example One:

ee / etc / rc.local

Put a line in it:

/ Usr / libexec / ftpd-D-l-l

Example Two:

Imitation / usr / local / etc / rc.d files in, add a call the script:

ee / usr / local / etc / rc.d /

Inside into the following:

#! / Bin / shftpd_flag = "-l-l-S" ftpd = "/ usr / libexec / ftpd" case "$ 1" instart) [-x $ (ftpd)] & & $ (ftpd )-D $ (ftpd_flag)> / dev / null & & echo-n''ftpd;; stop) / usr / bin / killall ftpd> / dev / null & & echo-n''ftpd '';; *) echo "Usage:` basename $ 0 `(start | stop)"> & 2;; esacexit 0

Keep a good file and then change my file permissions, it can do:

chmod 554 / usr / local / etc / rc.d /

Thus, when the FreeBSD boot automatically start ftpd, you can use / usr / local / etc / rc.d / ftpd stop to stop the service, what parameters of implementation to add the line to modify ftpd_flag.

1-1-2 Method 2: by the inetd to start ftpd
In this way, assume it is to modify / etc / inetd.conf La:

ee / etc / inetd.conf

First check the / etc / inetd.conf has not the following line:

# Ftp stream tcp nowait root / usr / libexec / ftpd ftpd-l

If, as the line above, as at the beginning of a pound, he said that the FTP service is disabled by default. Pound that comment, do not use, as long as the pound like to remove into the following:

ftp stream tcp nowait root / usr / libexec / ftpd ftpd-l

After filing the implementation of the following command:

kill-HUP `cat / var / run /`

Let inetd re-crawl / etc / inetd.conf configuration file like the

Note: The above is the Esc key `caterpillars the following buttons that pan Oh, do not single quotes beaten

1-2 stop the FTP service
If you want to stop the FTP service, see mode before the start or the inetd daemon is started and the different models.

1-2-1 daemon mode
daemon mode can execute the following command to terminate the ftpd process:

killall ftpd

If the prior is to ftpd on / etc / rc.local the reason behind the system automatically starts at boot time, you can use the following methods to stop automatically provide FTP services.

First open / etc / rc.local to edit, run:

ee / etc / rc.local

Files, the implementation of the ftpd top of the line add a pound, you can save good.

1-2-2 inetd mode
Inetd mode is initially to provide services, will have to modify the inetd configuration file / etc / inetd.conf, and let inetd re-read the settings.

First open / etc / inetd.conf to edit, run:

ee / etc / inetd.conf

The profile, there ftpd that line with a pound sign in front, the storage profile.

Let inetd re-read configuration file, execute the following command:

kill-HUP `cat / var / run /`

To verify whether the FTP service has stopped, you can do:


Consider the following line is not already disappeared:

tcp4 0 0 *. 21 *.* LISTEN

Restrict users to only 1-3 in their own directory activities (chroot)
Without special setting, users with their own FTP account to the host, you can freely switch to any directory, and if you do not want it running around to do the following settings.

1-3-1 Method 1: Use / etc / ftpchroot
FreeBSD's ftpd to / etc / ftpchroot to control which people or groups how to chroot, so we open / Add this profile to edit.

ee / etc / ftpchroot

In the file into our desire to control the person or group:

@ Staff

The above settings make gsyan, foo and the group of people belonging to staff only in their catalog activities.


Little mouse that is followed by the beginning of the name of the group.

There are ways to open an account not only other all chroot chroot it?

FreeBSD ftpd recently built in the / etc / ftpchroot addition of stuff that can be set, if the man ftpchroot see description says that you can use the following settings to achieve the only open part of the account is not locked in the purpose of personal directory .

First open / etc / ftpchroot to edit:

ee / etc / ftpchroot

Assume admin is the administrator account, so that admin can walk everywhere in the system, on the inside into the following three lines:

admin /
@ Www

Good storage can use ftp to connect to see if, under the above setting has the effect of:

The first line set: admin login will switch to the /
The second line setting: Anonymous login is to maintain the way, only in the public directory specified account activities.
The third line setting: other users can only be in the personal directory www folder activities.
The third line used in apache server to provide users with up page, and set the UserDir = www apache, the future just tell users: Please do 銆巔ages directly with their own ftp account to the host can銆? previously have explaining to do, ask him after ftp into the website www folder, but remember the first users of the www directory to first establish a good, or even log in but can not log in would be Oh!!

In FreeBSD 4.8R after / etc / ftpchroot have introduced new features, detailed settings can be man ftpchroot (but not the previous version of the pot man).

1-3-2 Method 2: Use / etc / login.conf
This method is the use of user database (the system password file / etc / master.passwd) in the login class field to set the user attached to the class, and then in / etc / login.conf set the class in the FTP chroot actions are, in the / etc / ftpchroot convenient setting for many people to deal with the situation.

Open / etc / login.conf to modify, run:

ee / etc / login.conf

And then locate the following default: at the beginning of which a few lines, similar to the following:

default:: copyright = / etc / COPYRIGHT:: welcome = / etc / motd :................... slightly

Add the following line:

: Ftp-chroot:

default:: ftp-chroot:: copyright = / etc / COPYRIGHT:: welcome = / etc / motd :................... slightly

Then the following command line to convert the database format login.conf

cap_mkdb / etc / login.conf

In this way, all the accounts would do chroot, limit the scope of activities in their own directory.

Like all the controls, but want to open system management makes use of the account then chroot?

The previous method, we set the default login class to do this FTP the chroot, that is all common settings, system management may want to roam, to set a system pipe class, and the properties of the ftp-chroot can be achieved by removing part of the purpose of opening up.

Open / etc / login.conf new line pipe login class called admin, and joined the ftp-chroot is not set:

ee / etc / login.conf

Add the following lines (note the blue part), Note: Besides the above defaults: ftp-chroot under part, we have the following to add a login class called another admin:

default:: ftp-chroot:: copyright = / etc / COPYRIGHT:: welcome = / etc / motd :................... slightly

admin:: ftp-chroot @:: tc = default:

................... Slightly

Then the following command line to convert the database format login.conf:

cap_mkdb / etc / login.conf

Note: The above used in the admin of this class are:

: Ftp-chroot @:

ftp-chroot little more than a mouse Oh! It represents the value to the opposite meaning, also do not do ftp-chroot.

Next, we must tell the system who belong to admin the login class, directly modify the account database, the implementation of


Modify the administrator (do not do chroot) of the login class for the admin

For example:

Suppose the original account administrator gsyan information:

gsyan: *: 1000:1000:: 0:0: Nobita: / home / gsyan: / bin / tcsh

The login class to modify it as admin, to look into the following:

gsyan: *: 1000:1000: admin: 0:0: Nobita: / home / gsyan: / bin / tcsh

Have gone on to save the file changes, using FTP software testing to see if a different log.


FreeBSD in the / etc / master.passwd password fields were:

Username: Password: UID: GID: class: force password change time: valid time: Information: home directory: shell

So to change the login class is the fifth column.

The format of the password file can be man 5 passwd view

The identity of users will be divided into several different login class, and using / etc / login.conf to set the status to use the system resources are pretty good control tools, well worth a good look at the detailed content can be man login. conf.

1-4 to provide anonymous (visitors) the FTP service
Account in the system so that visitors can not download files in FTP stand, this is called anonymous FTP service (Anonymous FTP), to provide such services must have an account called ftp and create good-related directories and files, this If you were not sure, use / stand / sysinstall to do is the most easily do. Here are the steps to set:

1. Call / stand / sysinstall, run:

/ Stand / sysinstall

2. When a single installation point 銆? stand / sysinstall Main Menu銆? press the arrow keys to move 銆忋? Configure, then press the space bar

3. Entered 銆忋? FreeBSD Configuration Menu, press the arrow keys to move 銆忋? Networking, then press the space bar

4. Entered 銆忋? Network Services Menu, press the arrow keys to move 銆忋? Anon FTP, and press the space bar

5. Entered 銆忋? Anonymous FTP Configuration, enter the following information:

6. Input is finished press OK.

7. Then enter the FTP's GID (use the default values, you can directly press Enter key).

8. Then asked to produce stop Welcome (welcome message), you can directly press Enter key.

9. Enter the pit of welcome:

10. Editor well and press Esc key, then press Enter key twice to file away.

11. Then have the choice of site can be a single top Exit.



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Murdoch: Gone are the days before

Exactly how the new media have the power? In this issue, the astute people have reached a consensus.

"New media is a very impressive growth rate. New Media dosage should be much higher than the growth rate of traditional media." CCTV CTR research firm, said Wei Qi, director of the cases.

Have the most extensive source of new media elements of the media, is the television investors train, train operators and television media advertising operator. The cover train television network covering almost all the developed coastal areas and major cities in the Mainland, the number of years, covering more than 120 million people.

According to the latest survey of CTR in 2005, the top ten domestic advertising companies, at least three or more selected source media such wide influence of new media. At the same time, another media management from the People's University Institute of Survey, said the domestic traditional media in the newspaper group, its advertising revenue is facing a 10% to 30% of the sectoral decline.

If you are domestic companies and institutions of the investigation results are not very interested, let us look at the media king Rupert Murdoch is how to make judgments. This is Murdoch in a public speech not long ago referred to.

"We need to recognize that the new generation access to news and information of the time, method and sources have undergone tremendous changes. They do not want to rely on the morning newspaper to get the latest information and does not need newspapers to tell of God-like tone what they are important. "

76-year-old Murdoch has also learned to change. In early 2005, Murdoch called a number of executives to formulate strategies for development of the Internet news groups. Subsequently, the News Corp. 580 million U.S. dollars acquisition of Intermix Media.Intermix Media has more than 30 entertainment, games and social networking site, has become one of the Internet world, a trump card. Murdoch, after it has acquired game company IGN Entertainment Web network and network sports company Scout Media and so on.

In almost all the new media leveled today, even arrogant Murdoch has to admit: The days before, and now the trend is reverse for us. If the traditional media do not conform to the trend of technological change, the completion of the transition for new media, then even the impregnable "Berlin Wall", there will collapse one day.

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ASP.NET 2.0 at the same time to prevent the same user login

To prevent the same user while landing page should record the information online (in this case the user name), and then determine which are the user login is already exists. Here has been to use a cache store login user name, but there is a problem is to know when the user is away system? This should clear the cache content on a regular basis, and that is to set a cache time. This time can be the user's session with the value of link failure happens when the user session when the value of the user information in the cache will be empty inside. This reached the landing of the effect of preventing the same time, the specific code as follows:

On the landing place of success:

string key = TextBox1.Text; / / user name text box set to cache Keyword

string uer = Convert.ToString (Cache [key]); / / read the corresponding value of the user cache

/ / Determine whether the cache in the user's information, if the value is not relevant, the user does not login

if (uer == null | | uer == String.Empty)


/ / Define cache expire time

TimeSpan SessTimeout = new TimeSpan (0, 0, System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Session.Timeout, 0, 0);

/ / Insert the first time a user login related to cache values

HttpContext.Current.Cache.Insert (key, key, null, DateTime.MaxValue, SessTimeout, System.Web.Caching.CacheItemPriority.NotRemovable, null);

Session ["ADMINID"] = TextBox1.Text;

Response.Redirect ("main.aspx");



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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What is most needed boss

Not long ago, I received a called the "fierce urgency" of the e-mail, to the effect that: Song teacher, I am a landscape design and construction business executives. These days, I am both worried and anxious, but usually it seems very strong-minded but I did not mind, do not know how to do. Last Monday, to find the boss said to me, you see we building the light, many people left the office, lights a night, there are air conditioning, computers, no one still open at noon, you are paying attention to the. I quickly made an "office facilities, strengthening the management on notice"; Wednesday, just go to work, the boss has stopped me in the door, said the company, you see, we work Lanlansansan the company's employees, as well as wearing slippers, what sort of decency? Thanks to such an image, who would be willing to live to us? I dare not neglect it quickly developed a "dress code on work attendance and the provisions of" issued down. Was not any in a few days, the boss called me into his office, a door he said to me seriously, you is how when this administration, and last month, I'll give you a lunch canteen staff costs higher than the standard , this month is still super, there are no lights are turned off from work, wearing slippers, do you think that issuing a notice on the list you ... ... out from the boss's office, my mind blank. Think of it the past few years his company's loyal and hard working boss, in return, or not satisfied with the boss, might still be fired, I am really a stomach of grievances. Boss today so that tomorrow, as I really do not know what the boss wanted me to do. Please tell me how to do? Urgent!

Indeed, this message also Jinong ignorant of my boss want? When subordinates what should be satisfied with how dry the boss? I'm afraid that a manager is often encountered and should think about.

Thought to want to go, I think as managers at all levels, light a loyal and hardworking is not enough, more importantly, you have to do to think like the boss, so to act like the boss. Think the boss might think that the boss wants, that is what we usually have a boss to consciousness. Specifically, if we have the cost, efficiency, results of consciousness and quality awareness, and self-motivated implementation of their behavior and actions, as we persevere in going, I think our work with the boss's idea of natural Jiu step , we also do not have all day to try to figure out the boss nervous to what exactly you want.

1. Cost consciousness - what to do can be more economical?

Owner is profit-economy animal. The boss's profits come from? No more than two areas: income and savings, but a close one, a minus is easily said than done, which makes a lot of bosses a headache.

As a manager, owner hired us to spend money, on the one hand we can not let the boss's money wasted, on the other hand, we have always, at any time for business as the owners have to plan carefully, so that employers spend the least money to do most things . Therefore, the cost is the boss every day, pondering the question, in any matter that the boss has a sense of cost consciousness. If you are the boss every day for more money, less money, the boss will mean to you?

銆怌ase銆?What is the cost-conscious

Comparison of the executive chief of the Shuang Liu recently. Because the boss asked him to improve cafeteria food and service quality, he passed on-site production, staff appraisal scoring ways, once employed eight skilled and cook, cafeteria food variety, quality and service the dramatic changes immediately, The staff are extremely satisfied with his colleagues Dukua ideas, there are ways, he himself was to do a beautiful thing.

However, one day near noon, the boss called him to say: "Little Liu, you see, the Administrative Section of the cafeteria budget overruns for two consecutive months, and nearly double the cost overruns. Is not the number of cooks should be reduced?" Boss 're right, Liu said quickly: "Well, I should not be brought examination table, you see who is laid off?"

The boss said: "It is said that this is not something I control. But I have a way." Talking the boss called and a dozen staff, gave each person five dollars a meal ticket, said: "You to the canteen to me five dollars to buy a lunch, to say nothing, and then come to my office. "Liu know, who do canteen who sell food.

Soon, a dozen employees, carrying their own food bought standing in front of the boss. Boss overcast with a straight face, eyes back and forth at each meal on fire, pick and choose the three most hearty lunch to me: "Xiao, check out these three lunch, who sell, they dismissed me . Also, give those who stay on the school cook, tell them what is cost-conscious. "

Liu mind a blank, very ashamed mind: Yes, ah his own patronizing improve service quality, and how not to think of it costs too!

We all know that, as a world famous company, Toyota is notoriously savings, even to our belief. In Toyota, the company's internal memo to repeatedly use 4. First use a pencil, the second use of markers, the third time in the negative use of pencil, the fourth in the negative use of pen. The early years, Toyota's toilet in office are more of a brick, because it can turn into 6 liters of water tank 5 liters, 1 liter of water each time to save.

In fact, every manager and employee to do any thing, can do this to measure how much a price to pay (money) to complete, is not it better to save, the better approach, this idea is the "cost consciousness. " If you can help out a large-scale enterprises and the owner's income savings plan better, if not, then you may try following some of the ever-present small start.

(1) a trip to the car can do one thing, perhaps a couple of things properly arranged, the car can also do a lot of things out.

(2) of used paper, non-important files can also use the reverse side. Print or copy documents when the files need to stay beyond the necessary backup.

(3) can be used to solve the non-network EMAIL long-distance calls; can call to resolve the non-travel.

(4) to complete its work within a certain period of time, no delay.

(5) readily to turn off the faucet, close all.

... ...

2. Efficiency Awareness - what to do can save even more time?

We pay out real money to spend is the boss, the boss who hired us, but also the employment of our time. If your annual income is 35,000 yuan, then the value of every minute you are 0.34 yuan, the value is 20.7 yuan per hour, the daily value is 144.6 yuan. That is, as professionals at all levels, the minimum requirement is first necessary to own every minute, hourly, daily, monthly, "copies of money" earned out. Otherwise, you have not done their duty, the boss would lose money. If we even their own "copies of money" have earned enough, the long run, companies will certainly be close. So, how in the limited working hours, and create maximum value for the enterprise, increase efficiency, it is of interest to every owner, every manager and employee is to be done. How to become a high performance professional managers? Following points should be noted:

(1) clear objectives and plans

According to the company's annual goal, we must necessarily make their own lead the team and the annual target. Then, in the decomposition of these goals to half-yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily. The goal of all time must be clear, explicit, consistent with the principles of SMART. To be implemented in their own or everyone's shoulders.

Clear objectives, how to achieve goals? This requires development of practical work and implementation plans. Plans must be written down in black and white. If you do not, you are less easy to accomplish many things. A success, he will always know what to program, with plans to go to the Executive, at the same time to check the implementation of assessment, this is the work of management and self-management of the PDCA cycle approach.

(2) seize the focus

Eyebrows beard grabbed the man's work is a professional taboo. Should always keep in mind: with 80% of the time and effort to do and decisions affecting your life and work of that 20% of the important things, this is the "28 rule." That is, you should always seize and make those critical few, not the reverse.

In order to achieve the purpose of efficient use of time, we must abide by these principles: to focus on things that can get the most return on the face of many complex matters, we must prioritize, and schedule accordingly to their own design, and strictly in accordance with the schedule in the matter of importance and priority to act. Do not press a key to control things, is bound to lead expeditions.

(3) no delay

Positive people, their heads will always be two words: immediate action. All successful people, their ideas are very clear, always aiming at the most important thing, and the constraints and incentives they need to be completed. Procrastination is a synonym for negative delay is only one result, that is nothing. Solve the delay problems are two of the most simple way: First, do it now; two things on that day completed, Nissin day-end.

3. Results sense - you complete the goals?

Many foreign-owned enterprises play or recruitment advertising, often a word appears is "ResultOriented", in Chinese means "results oriented", which indicated that they welcomed the "results oriented" type of talent.

In general, business owners are aware of what is results-oriented, mainly because employers must pay wages for each end of the month, employees to bosses want results, this result is that wage. Since the company invited a gang of people work to the end, no matter good or bad management, wages must be made on time, which is results-oriented. In turn, employees should also have a results-oriented, when you are salaried, the boss asked you: "Why should I pay to send?" The "what" is what you should look at the results to the boss, or that you should give the boss a convince him to give you the reason wages.

As a staff and subordinates, the results-oriented stress that "results" word, it has the following meanings:

(1) to achieve the objectives of the principle, not because of the difficulties and give up;

(2) to complete the result is final, there is no reason and excuse;

(3) before the target is no "elbow grease" and "fatigue", which are: to complete, or not completed;

(4) in the process before, you can have a thousand reasons, millions of reasons, thousands of helpless millions of dedication, but the results before speaking, but only a simple result: sales done? Things by requested that done? order to win it?

銆怌ase銆?Wang competent results oriented

Seeing a number of product orders will expire soon, but some parts of the supply is off the chain at the critical moment. So the king in charge to contact buyers and vendors must work the day after tomorrow afternoon before the remaining parts will be sent to the contract. Buyers contact for a long time, the result is "no." The king asked the man in charge of the buyer fairly good, "how kind of situation," he said: "No, do not do ah." King head really no reason not to believe him, but there is no way to believe him: If you believe He, that is, products can not get out, to the dealers do not pay the penalty, said the company's reputation will certainly suffer. This time?

So, the king drove overnight charge of more than 200 kilometers to the parts manufacturer, to find each other after the workshop, the production of equipment parts out of trouble, how repair but failed, anxious small business is lost in a fog. Time is 3:00, the king of his head suddenly remembered a friend in a state-owned large enterprise engaged in technology and equipment maintenance, and the level is quite high. He said nothing, they then drove more than 100 km to a friend's house. More than nine the next day, things finally buttoned up. This relieved the king in charge.

Wang often exhorted his men in charge said: If it because of objective reasons, then we can do nothing, but absolutely no reason to judge just because of our pessimistic give up efforts to lose the results.

As one who sent me e-mail friends, if he made a file note after checking the implementation, I think, would be required to reach the boss's expectations, the boss will no longer satisfied with the nature. The paper is a process and means to eliminate long-wearing slippers to work light and the phenomenon is the boss wants results.

4. Quality consciousness - you be the best yet?

The world, of course, no absolute "best", "best" is a state. We work in peacetime, is not some "almost", "indifferent", "Never mind", "no big deal" and "is almost not it? What do you want the fuss about?", "No one is wrong punctuation it? What great! "and" 5 minutes late is it? "... ...

"Quality, value and dignity is the starting point." A business, one product quality, service quality and level of work quality is the quality of their external character and business performance. Many entrepreneurs say: good product good people before, truth is so. We attach importance to details of the work quality requirements, "careless," "assume," "probably," "may," "make do in the past," and so is professional quality and professional people deviates from the requirements.

If you have a chance to Shanghai, you can look at the 1st Shanghai subway line and second line. One line is designed by the Germans, on the 2nd line is our own design. The overall look of these two lines and not much difference, but on the 2nd line of operating costs is much higher than on the 1st line, it seems not yet to break even. Careful observation of people find the reasons for the differences is that seemingly small details. For example, each subway exit is designed to have an outdoor three steps, and then down into the subway station. Is that small three steps to prevent the intrusion of rainwater, reducing the flood pressure on the subway. In fact the 1st line of those flood control facilities within the almost never used before, while the second line is rain flooded the tragedy occurred, causing no small loss. Of course, there are many nuances like this, but I am afraid that behind these differences is the attention to detail and the spirit of rigorous work.

In short, the boss's money as their money - everything about savings, the boss of things as their own business - everything efficiency, quality, effectiveness, the boss will be as our own, we will form win-win situation with the boss, his career has gone further down the road smooth.


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Professional DVD to XviD SWF

Professional DVD to XviD SWF - A fast video to DVD VOB converter which can convert and burn AVI, MPG, MPEG 1/2/4, WMV, MOV, MP4, RM, RMVB, DivX, Xvid, ASF, 3GP, Youtube FLV Converter easily. With this DVD VCD SVCD converter, you will know how to make a DVD video. You can use it to convert and burn DivX, Xvid, AVI, MPG, MPEG 1/2/4, WMV, MOV, MP4, RM, RMVB files to DVD with chapter Menu. With that, you can convert downloaded videos and burn files into DVD, which means Internet become the storehouse of your home theater! Get Free download now!

Professional DVD to XviD SWF - What a powerful and attractive AVI, MPG, MPEG 1/2/4, WMV, MOV, MP4, RM, RMVB, DivX, Xvid, ASF, 3GP, Youtube FLV converter. This software can burn DivX to DVD and convert DivX to VOB and finish all your tasks with the fastest speed possible and the best quality available. No one will ask how to make a DVD video anymore once they try this great DivX to VOB converter. We highly recommend this program because we think it will make your multimedia life a lot easier and more enjoyable. It allows you to specify NTSC or PAL format, adjust 4:3 or 16:9 video aspect, and burn either DVD disc or ISO file. By setting bitrate and framerate, you can get excellent quality on TV screen. Just free download and enjoy it right now!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Bluesea 3GP Conversion

Bluesea 3GP Conversion is an All-in-One solution to create Mobile Phone 3GP movies from DVDs, TV shows and downloaded videos. The software combines DVD to 3GP Conversion and 3GP Video Converter in one package for discounted price. The software is easy to use. It features superb video audio quality and the fastest conversion techniques availabe on the market (Up to 3x faster).

Bluesea 3GP Conversion easy converts all popular video formats such as AVI, DivX/Xvid, WMV, RM, MPG, MOV, MPEG (and many more) videos into Mobile Phone 3GP format. Watch movies on the road. Support all mobile phones with 3GP video capability. The software is very easy to use. It compresses a full lengh movie into small size which can be fitted in a 128MB memory card. Carry your movie theater on the go! Watch movies anywhere, anytime - a new life style.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

5Star MPEG Video Joiner

5Star MPEG Video Joiner is one of the best video joining software that joins video files of different formats to a single large one. It provides an easy and completed way to merge multiple MPEG, MPG, MP4 videos. It supports MPG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 as output format. The very user-friendly and easy-to-use interface lets you easily join lots of videos and no quality lost! If you are looking for a easy video joining software,5Star MPEG Video Joiner is the right application for you. Buy 5Star MPEG Video Joiner now to join videos and experience better digital life.